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Although the climate of education is changing, antiquated technologies and modes of communication are still in place. Studies show that parental involvement and parent-teacher communication is essential to student success; however, teachers and administrators often struggle to create open lines of communication to student success; however, teachers and administrators often struggle to create 

open lines of communication with parents. In addition, students are rarely involved in discussions about their progress, impeding opportunities to take more responsibility for their own educational outcomes. As a result of lack of the collaborative communication between parents, teachers, and students, bullying incidents often go unreported, parents are unaware of the problems their children are experiencing, and teachers become frustrated and experience burnout.

While EdTech companies have attempted to address these problems with a variety of tools, the applications often lack customizability, have limited features, are challenging to use, and foster one-way communication rather than a dialogue. Further, these tools do not involve students – the very individuals such technologies endeavor to assist.

SchoolParency was developed to address the shortcomings of current school management programs by creating a user-friendly platform for parent, teacher, and student collaboration. The developers of SchoolParency are educators who have experienced the communication challenges with parents and students. They have also used a variety of school management applications and identified the weaknesses inherent in them.

Their collective experience and insights led to the development of SchoolParency, a unique communication application that involves teachers, parents, and students to create a “triangle of support” for every learner. This platform combines new features and capabilities designed to hook students, parents, administrators, and teachers, while capturing actionable data, building positive school cultures, and fostering academic and personal success for every student.

The Problems Addressed by

Improve parent/teacher communications
via a text-based application

40% of calls to parents go unanswered, and only 33% of voicemails left by teachers are listened to. Alternatively, 99% of text messages to parents are opened, and the average response time from parents is 3 minutes. With 95% of Americans owning cellular phones, texting has become a preferred method of communication. SchoolParency caters to this preference for textual communication.

Improved academic performance
of students

Despite an increased focus on students’ academic outcomes, research suggests that the performance of K-12 students remains low among many groups of learners. Educational leaders and policymakers have implemented a number of measures designed to improve student performance (such as high-stakes tests and other accountability measures), yet longitudinal data suggest these measures have not worked. SchoolParency provides a unique tool that leverages communication, data sharing, and a number of other features to increase student performance.

Reduction in bullying

Bullying is a significant problem in today’s public schools. Research indicates that one out of four students are bullied each school year; however, only about 20% of bullied students report the problem they are experiencing. SchoolParency provides an anonymous reporting feature that students and parents can use to anonymously report bullying and other related safety concerns.

Teacher overload

Teachers spend an enormous amount of time on administrative duties, such as grading, inputting scores, and managing other data. Not only does this create stress and overload, but it also reduces the time available for lesson planning and instruction. SchoolParency reduces the load of administrative tasks through the assessment grader, which allows them to use smart devices to scan in grades. This tool saves time and provides instant data that can be used to drive instruction and communication.

Transparency barriers

A common issue among school stakeholders is the lack of transparency. For example, it can be difficult for teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and parents to create communication that keeps everyone on the same page regarding student well-being and success. SchoolParency helps overcome these barriers via a two-way communication platform that not only allows everyone to engage in ongoing conversations but ensures all parties have access to the same information and data.

Lack of social and emotional learning (SEL)
in public schools

SEL is emphasized in Common Core State Standards (CCSS); however, because it’s not assessed on standardized tests, it often receives little attention. SEL has proven benefits of helping improve academic success and reduce behavioral problems. SchoolParency provides virtual ribbons that may be attached to student profiles to provide transparency regarding issues they may be facing. It also provides a “Mood Meter,” which serves as a daily check-in tool that students can use to report their social-emotional well-being and growth

Positive school culture

Research indicates school culture is essential to student success. However, many k-12 schools struggle to establish positive school culture. SchoolParency helps foster positive, nurturing culture through the community wall. The community wall serves as a communication hub for an entire school, allowing information to be shared in a tweet-like fashion to everyone who has access to the app. These messages can serve to motivate and inspire students, teachers, and parents, creating a sense of community that keeps everyone on the same page.

Poor student engagement

A common problem that educators face is poor student engagement. Research indicates that unengaged students underperform in school. SchoolParency incorporates a valuable motivational school through the “School Shop.” The school shop allows students to earn school bucks/points for a variety of behaviors (such as high attendance, staying on task, or academic achievement), which can be redeemed at the school store for a number of items.


By far, SchoolParency is the most comprehensive school management application on the market. The features of existing EdTech pale in comparison to SchoolParency


SchoolParency is a cost-effective application that provides superior benefits at a price most K-12 schools can subsume. A multi-tiered pricing structure allows schools to choose the product that most aligns with their needs and budgets


The SchoolParency app is fully customizable to each school’s needs and context. In this way, schools only access the features they need, giving them the power to tailor the app to their preferences and budgets.


SchoolParency provides a single, secured, stream-lined platform for data management and sharing. Not only does the app ensure all stakeholders have access to pertinent information, but it also provides teachers and administrators with an efficient tool for recording and organizing student data

The Following Highlights our
Strengths vs.our Peers

2-way communication

feature allows everyone to participate in the student’s success.


Ribbons attach to student profiles for transparency and important information regarding the student. (Examples: Lateness, Asthma, IEP)

School Store

Provides a platform for schools to build upon for positive school culture. Students earn points through the school’s vision to utilize incentives within SchoolParency and tailor to each school’s request.

A Multi-Tiered Support System

Tiered behavior system which allows teachers to track negative and positive behaviors

Mood Meter

Daily check-in to help with social-emotional well-being and growth

Anonymous Reporting

Proactive anonymous reporting tool for bullying and related safety concerns.

Community Wall

The hub of communication for the school. Schools can easily send out information in a tweet like fashion to everyone involved in the school or to a specific family in seconds.

Assessment Grader

Teachers save time by using their smart devices to scan in grades. Data is instantly provided to utilize and drive instruction and communication.

  • Saves school money from scantron paper.
  • Computer paper is 1 cent per 500 count and scantron paper for assessments is 16 cents per 500 count. 15 cents per scantron saving

Through SchoolParency’s unique features and capabilities, we’re confident that we’ve created a tool that can promote transparency among the triangle of support, that contributes to the best educational outcomes for students