Privacy Policy


SchoolParency is a platform designed for the communications and transparency between the home (parent and student) and school (teachers and administrators).  SchoolParency has been designed for the adoption and use by administrators, teachers, parents, and students who fall within the demographics of pre-K-12 school ages.  Those who utilize SchoolParency can share messages about school logistics, school functions, school calendars, classroom learning, directory information, files, and pictures.

We at SchoolParency understand how important privacy is to the users of our services and website, the school and the school district, or the organization that has contracted for our services (“School”), as well as the students and their parents/guardians, and other users whose information on behalf of the school.


We reserve the right to change our privacy policy; and changes that we make will be posted to this page, as well as a notice being posted on our website any other places, we may deem appropriate.  If we make material changes, such as how we may use your personal information, we will notify you prior to the change we plan to make, becoming effective.  Our notification will be via email, a notice to our home page and by email to your parents/guardians, if you are a minor, in order to obtain consent for new uses to your personal information, if required.  We strongly suggest that you read our Terms of Use so you may understand additional terms and conditions that may apply to the use of our Website.  Should you have any questions, comments or suggestions with regard to our privacy policy, we ask that you contact us at


We strive to be as transparent about our practices concerning collection and usage.

We will collect both personal information which your school chooses to disclose that we collect on both an individual basis and website information, which is gathered as you and others use our website.

Your school provides and controls the student and user data.  If your school does choose to utilize SchoolParency, your school will first supply us with personal information and data about the students and their parents or guardians.  Information that may be provided with regard to the student may include the name of the student, identification information, the gender of the student, their grade level, the courses they are enrolled in as well as other groups and extracurricular activities they may participate in as well as information regarding their parent or guardians, which will contain their names, their relationship with the student, the language they primarily speak and address, phone number and email information.  Information regarding other users of SchoolParency, like school staff members, may contain information such as their title and course they teach at the school.

The school may wish to include other information with regard to the students, such as their language proficiency, their attendance records, if the student is a recipient of free or reduced meal programs, the balance of the student’s meal account, if the student walks to school or is provided transportation, grades, assignments, trip.  SchoolParency complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERTA”) which is a federal statute with regard to confidentiality and privacy laws  FERPA is a federal law enacted in 1974 that protects the privacy of students’ education records and applies to any public or private elementary, secondary and post-secondary school and any state or local education agency that receives funds under an applicable program of the US Department of Education.


The school may wish to provide students with SchoolParency logins, which will allow them to communicate with school personnel under SchoolParency users.If this is the case, we will collect login credentials for those students which the school provides to us, which can include the student’s cell phone number and email address. SchoolParency relies on the school to obtain verifiable parental/guardian consent to provide our services to children who are under the age of 13 years, in accordance with the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (“COPPA”).  Should we later learn that some of the personal information that has been collected other than by verifiable parental/guardian consent, or in the alternative, that the information collected from a child under the age of 13 is personal information beyond what we requested from the child, we shall delete that information as soon as possible after we have identified it.  Should you have any questions or comments with regard to modifying or deleting the personal information of a student, feel free to contact your school directly, or in the alternative, you may contact us at  In the event you contact us, we will in turn contact your school so we may make those modifications or deletions.


You will have the ability to provide additional information as you see fit about yourself to your profile.  This additional information may include, but not be limited to such things as what you do for a living, any special interests or talents you may possess, your particular interests, or your messaging and posts when you use SchoolParency.  You need to be aware that the information which you provide to SchoolParency may be made accessible to others users of SchoolParency in your particular school but will not be shared with others outside of your school who use SchoolParency.  That being said, this information may also be made available to your school’s district office if they request it.


When you use SchoolParency, you should be aware that we collect usage information when you utilize SchoolParency- this is in addition to the personal information both you and your school has provided to us.  The collection of this information serves two purposes- one to help us improve our services and the second as it allows for more accurate reporting. 

Some of the ways we may use the information is as follows:

  1. Information activity- In order to understand how our users are using the services we provide and their interaction with our site, we will monitor information such as app downloads, email delivery, text delivery and their clicks.  This will also help us to improve our services and your experiences over time. 
  2. Cookies- A cookie is a small text file which contains a string of characters, which will help us to identify your browser while also allowing you to automatically log in when you access SchoolParency.  We may use cookies to personalize your experience with our site as well as to help you navigate through it.  If you so choose, you may block or remove cookies by using the technical settings on your browser, though there are some devices which may not allow this.  If you do choose to disable cookies, it may have an impact on your ability to enjoy all the services our site offers and we therefore suggest you leave them.


The privacy of our users is of the utmost importance to us at SchoolParency.  Information we collect is used to provide a safe and efficient experience for our users and the information we collect regarding the students is used for purposes of education and communication, at the school’s discretion.

The information collected is utilized to enhance the experience and to try to make it more personal to you, the user.  By analyzing this information and your use of our site and its features, we can see which of our features are more important to you and how we can further improve our services.  At times, we may contact our users with regard to service-related announcements and possible school related activities or messages or with regard to changes in our services.

The levels of usage are important to your school since they can use this information to see how successful their posts are and see how they can improve them so that schools can see what is the best way to get information out to our users.  The more information that is available and seen, the better informed the users will be.


The data and information we collect and receive from the school is solely for purposes of the delivery of services and products to the school.  We do not, under any circumstance, distribute this information to any third parties.  There are limited circumstances under the provisions of FERPA when information from the school can be disclosed; such as by a governmental order or applicable law; when we have been authorized by the school to do so or in order to operate and maintain our services.  We contract with a limited number of third-party service providers and contractors so we can maintain and operate our services.  Third-party service providers are utilized for such things as: Analyzing the use of our app and website; sending emails, phone calls and text messages; the hosting of our database, website and services; providing customer support and communication to users; the facilitation of the sharing of our blog and for secure credit card transactions and the processing of payments to SchoolParency.  We have asked our respective third-party service providers to adhere to the Privacy Policy of SchoolParency as well as our Terms of Use, as well as their own confidentiality and security protocols.

We will not use the records of users or students, or the information collected for purposes of advertising or marketing by third parties.  The information acquired and profiles created by SchoolParency with regard to our students and users is only to be used for the purposes of providing the optimum experience to our users and for the advancement of the school purpose.

The only ones who can access your school’s information from the SchoolParencywebsite are parents and the staff at your respective school.  On occasion, the school may deem it appropriate that other users, involved with the operation of the school, may be granted access to this information as well.  Parents/guardians have access only to information and posts which are for the general school population or their child’s class specifically; they cannot see posts for classes they do not have a child in or to which group they do not belong.  It is the responsibility of each parent/guardian the security of their individual password.  In the event your school does wish to share some pictures of the school or posts from SchoolParency on a social media site, we will require your school to confirm that they have permission from the respective parents prior to letting the post be shared.  In the event that the school should decide to share these pictures or posts on some social media websites, where people other than those on SchoolParency will have access to them, you need to be advised that the Privacy Policy of SchoolParency will no longer be applicable to those posts and pictures and we will mark them so our users will know that these pictures and posts have been shared on other social media websites.

In the event your school should wish to create an online directory, your contact information, including your name, email address and phone number, would be made available for the other registered parents/guardians at your school.  This information however will not be shared with third parties and other users outside your school. You do have an option to set your settings such that all your contact information will be unavailable to the other parents/guardians at your school though this information will still be available to registered staff members from the school.

If there is a future sale or a merger of SchoolParency with another entity, your personal information may be transferred to the new entity.  If that is the case, you shall be provided with notice of such an event and you will be provided an opportunity to opt-out of the transfer of your student’s personal information to the new entity if that entity does not have a privacy policy that is as comprehensive as our is.


SchoolParency uses secure measures in protecting data, making sure it remains safe.  When student data is transferred, it is done so that the information is transferred in an encrypted fashion and transmitted securely.  Access to the SchoolParency site is only through authentication of one’s user name and password, which should remain confidential to the user.  Your information is protected on a server that is behind a firewall; while utilizing security software so as to maintain the confidentiality of the personal information we have accumulated.  In the unlikely event of a security breach of a user’s personal information, we shall notify all users whose information may have been comprised, in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as posting a notice on our site of such potential breach, all in accordance with the law.

All our data is hosted in the United States. For those users who are in a country or region outside of the United States, please be advised the laws governing your private information may differ significantly from those laws in the United States that govern the collection and securing of personal information.  You need to be aware that the information you are providing will be maintained outside the jurisdiction of your region and sent and maintained in the United States.  Your use of our service implies your consent to the transfer of your personal information to the United States and the storage and use of your personal information will be in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Unless your particular school does not allow for it, you may review, update, correct and add or delete your personal information in your account by logging on to SchoolParency.  If your school does not allow you to update your information directly with SchoolParency, then a school contact or instructions advising you what you will need to do will be provided to you, allowing you to update your contact information. You have the ability to set your own notification settings, which will allow you to receive instant emails and text messages, or in the alternative, you may opt-out of SchoolParency communications and receive none at all.  In the event you wish to opt-out of receiving notifications, you will continue to receive emergency notifications for things such as threats or school closings, etc.

Upon graduation or other event that causes your child to no longer be enrolled with the school, the school will delete your account and you will no longer have access to your personal information on SchoolParency and no other SchoolParency user will be able to access your personal information as well, including the school.  In the event your information may have been deleted accidentally, we will be able to restore your account, if such request is made by you within thirty (30) days.  Should you decide you no longer wish to agree with the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of SchoolParency at some point in the future or no longer wish to continue with our service, you may unsubscribe by just clicking on the link in the SchoolParency email which was sent to you by your school or contact the school directly and ask them to delete your account.  Another option is to contact us, and make this request.  We will honor your request and respond to you within a reasonable time.  Your information will be retained by SchoolParency for as long as your account remain active or to provide services to you or the school, or is necessary to comply with legal obligations and enforce our agreements.


You may contact us at with any questions about our Privacy Policy.  You should contact your school directly with questions pertaining to your information, your registration, your account or if you wish to unsubscribe from our service.