schoolparency sparks the connection

Engage in Two-way Conversations and reach families on  the devices they are already using.

Restorative Behavior System

Utilize Restorative Practices to repair harm and rebuild trust to empower students to take ownership and develop social and emotional skills.

School Shop (PBIS REWARDS)

Boost engagement and instructional time while eliminating paper tickets and rewards through the Online School Shop.

Attendance Tracker

Attendance tracker and notifications for on the spot parent notification of absent students.

Share Classroom Moments and Learning on the Community Wall

  • Link Meetings, Assignments and Materials
  • Share Daily Reminders and Announcements
  • Direct Message Staff, Students and Guardians

Instant Notification

On the spot push notifications and reminders to staff, students and parents.

Customizable Reports

Attendance, Parent Out Reach, Positive & Negative Behaviors and more!


Real-Time two-way conversationsInstant Translations Customizable Text, Email, Voice Call Blasts


Ribbons attach to student profiles for transparency and important information regarding the student.

Community Wall

Cultivate a collaborative environment by capturing and sharing wonderful classroom moments.


One-way notifications can reach your community, but meaningful engagement is a two-way street. Unfortunately, not all EdTech tools support two-way communication.

SchoolParency allows everyone to participate in the student’s success. “It takes a village to raise a student”

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Easily implement systems that reward core values and build accountability. This user-friendly system allows you to track negative and positive behaviors so that trends don’t go unnoticed.

School Shop

Welcome to the School Shop

Students earn points through the school’s vision to utilize incentives customized to each classroom needs


Ribbons attach to student profiles for transparency and important information regarding the student. 

(Examples- Academics/SEL, Asthma, IEP)

Points System

Who said class doesn’t have to be fun?

Our point system increases engagement, boosts participation, and limits student behavior with built-in rewards and incentives for any classroom style.

Instant Notifications

  • No More Excuses… Period.
  • We’ll bring the news to you.


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