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Why SchoolParency is the Best Solution

  • Comprehensive

    By far, SchoolParency is the most comprehensive school management application on the market. The features of existing EdTech pale in comparison to SchoolParency.
  • Customizable

    The SchoolParency app is fully customizable to each school’s needs and context. In this way, schools only access the features they need, giving them the power to tailor the app to their preferences and budgets.
  • Cost-effective

    SchoolParency is a cost-effective application that provides superior benefits at a price most K-12 schools can subsume. A multi-tiered pricing structure allows schools to choose the product that most aligns with their needs and budgets.
  • Data-management

    SchoolParency provides a single, secured, stream-lined platform for data management and sharing. Not only does the app ensure all stakeholders have access to pertinent information, but it also provides teachers and administrators with an efficient tool for recording and organizing student data.