The Importance of Teacher & Student Relations

The Importance of Teacher & Student Relations

The Importance of Teacher & Student Relations

If there is anyone who spends just as much time with children as their parents, it’s their teacher. Approximately six hours out of the fourteen hours a child may be awake is spent with their educator during the school year. As times have changed, and continuously do, teachers are no longer just adults in a building teaching academic lessons. Teachers have become counselors, mediators, coaches, motivators, and consultants. A connection is organically established because of this. But when taken a step further to an enhanced relationship, it can have a major impact on a student’s success.

A strong teacher-student relationship can lead to higher student engagement in class as well as a better school environment overall. Students become more motivated to attend and participate in class when they have a sense of trust in their teacher. When students know their teacher cares and wants to see them succeed, it gives them a bit of a push to put in more effort. When a teacher takes the time to create a bond with their students, they are also improving school engagement as an entirety while making school a more enjoyable setting. These relationships can also improve academic achievement.

In some cases, there are students who have had poor experiences when it comes to connecting with adults, which makes it hard to trust teachers. This could be a poor experience at home, school, extracurricular activities and/or just in passing. It could’ve been a previous teacher, administrator, coach, or instructor showing favoritism towards other students. Being the teacher that allows students to walk into your classroom and feel a sense of calmness and security is unmatchable. In many cases, you might not know everything about a child’s background. This alone is enough reason to get to know your students. Understand them and their struggles as it will help dictate their learning style, navigate through their academic year, and reduce chronic absenteeism.

In short, teacher-student relationships can promote school tag success in many ways. A student’s school year, and life, can be changed with a positive teacher-student relationship. Strengthening academic rates, reducing absenteeism and providing a save haven are only a few benefits.

Schoolparency’s two-way communication capability is a great way to build a connection with the parent as well, creating a full triangle of support. Open lines of communication between teachers and parent along side a great relationship between students and teachers is a great way to assure a students’ successful year.

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