Importance of Teacher/Parent Communication

Parents and Educators have one common goal, which is to create a safe environment for students to have the best learning experience possible. With a common goal of teachers and parents, Schoolparency understands that it is imperative that educators and parents have an open and clear line of communication. This is why Schoolparency has made it a priority to provide a direct messaging option to staff, students and guardians.

Many educators, as well as other school staff, have observed students who are overly stressed on a regular basis and have noticed how they aren’t able to learn effectively. Physicians believe the release of the stress hormone, cortisol, interferes with memory which may cause issues in learning. Previous studies have shown that when a student’s home environments are a relaxing safe space, the student’s brain is able to learn effectively. This, amongst other reasons, is why it is important to create strong support systems for students both at home and at school.

Seeing a positive connection between teachers and parents, a student will have the ability to develop a bond and sense of trust with the teacher. When a bond is formed, aligned with trust, the student is able to feel a sense of security, which all could result in a successful academic year. Students get to see the care and connection between both parties, and the student becomes more invested in their own role within the support triangle, as mentioned by Schoolparency. When students know both parties are invested in their education, they tend to become more intentional when it comes to reaching their academic goals.

When parents and teachers partner together for the betterment of their student, they both agree to take part in the success of the student during their time with the child. Parents tend to make sure the child has balanced meals, having open lines of communication, breitling engaging in activities outside of school and making sure they feel supported at home with schoolwork and home life. A teacher’s role is handled while the child in in their care at school. This includes, checking on their emotional wellbeing, possibly using a restorative behavior system, tracking attendance, giving them the attention needed to excel in their schoolwork and being a sounding ear when/if needed. Each party contributes their own specific skills and knowledge toward meeting the overall goal – a successful student.

In many schools, most home/school communication is one-sided, and school directed. Papers are printed, stuffed in folders and backpacks, sometimes read and tossed, overlooked and sometimes lost. The great majority of home/school crises are a direct result of poor communication.

Offering personalized language options and instant two-way conversation translations, Schoolparency has a goal to bridge the gap of failed communication between teachers and parents. To keep students engaged in the triangle of support, Schoolparency offers the use of Google Classroom as well. Daily announcements and reminders are at the fingertips of teachers and parents. They are also able to link meetings, assignments, and materials in Microsoft Teams.



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