Establishing effective communication is the key to a successful pivot with minimal vexation

Establishing effective communication is the key to a successful pivot with minimal vexation

Establishing effective communication is the key to a successful pivot with minimal vexation

During a crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic, establishing effective communication is the key to a successful pivot with minimal vexation. It is vital to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, by whom, and how. Strengthening transparency and trust, open lines of communication between educators and parents and is the best way to address any expectations or concerns. A recent survey says that parents greatly appreciated the use of technology in the education system.

Education in today’s world doesn’t solely rely on learning from textbooks, yet it ensures an enlightening experience for students. Education is not just for the development in their career, but also in their personalities. With that being said, two-way communication will always ensure progress without delay as educators and parents can work together to foster a healthy learning environment.

Some of the Key Strategies for strengthening Teacher-Parent Communication are:

Identify possible communication methods

  • Phone calls
  • Online conferences (Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, etc)
  • Messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Emailing
  • School website
  • Social media platforms (Facebook, etc)

Identify routines of communication

  • Virtual meeting frequency (daily, weekly, quarterly, monthly, yearly). 
  • Frequency of Sending questionnaires or surveys to get feedback on the communication.

Set Up Personalized Interactions

A positive relationship between educators and parents is vital to strengthen a home-school relationship that is a win-win for everyone. You can do this through personalized interactions which could be an outreach program, a class story, or any special event. 

Provide the best technology and learning tools

Teachers can recommend learning tools to support instruction and practice. Some companies provide a range of digital programs that are ideal for learning and fortifies a student’s development. Opting the right technology could help students improve and aid parent’s ability to be involved. 

Consistency is the Key

Be sure to maintain actions and timeline consistency. Snapping protocols may distort expectations parents have about communication parameters. Set up clear parameters and stick to your plan while frequently anticipating exceptions. In such an unprecedented time, it is preferable to remain flexible.

Role of Software in Parent-Teacher Communication

Educators and parents are often entangled in busy schedules, which makes it complex to track every happening in students’ routines. Software is great for facilitating communication between parents and educators. It removes existing communication barriers most may experience. SchoolParency allows everyone to effectively participate in the student’s success.

SchoolParency provides a platform for educators and parents to close any possible foreseen gap in communication and creates a positive school culture. 


Restorative Behavior System

Utilize Restorative Practices to repair harm and rebuild trust to empower students to take ownership and develop social and emotional skills.

Attendance Tracker

Attendance tracker and notifications for instant parent notification of absent students.

School Shop (PBIS REWARDS)

Boost engagement and instructional time while eliminating paper tickets and rewards through the Online School Shop.

Share Classroom Moments and Learning on the Community Wall

  • Link Meetings, Assignments, and Materials
  • Share Daily Reminders and Announcements
  • Direct Message Staff, Students, and Parents/Guardians

Instant Notification

Immediate notifications, reminders, and follow-ups for staff, students, and parents.

Customizable Reports

Attendance, parent outreach, positive & negative behaviors, and more!

Two-Way Communication

Instant translations and customizable communication.


One-way notifications can reach your community, but meaningful engagement is a two-way street. Unfortunately, not all EdTech tools support two-way communication.

Multi-Tiered Systems Of Support

Easily implement systems that reward core values and build accountability. This user-friendly system allows you to track negative and positive behaviors so that trends don’t go unnoticed.


Ribbons attach to student profiles for transparency and important information regarding the student.

Community Wall

Cultivate a collaborative environment by capturing and sharing wonderful classroom moments.

Points System

The Point system increases engagement boosts participation and limits student behavior with built-in rewards and incentives for any classroom style.

Useful Tips for Teacher-Parent Communication:

Value Time

Please don’t rush to teach the entire subject at once. Small pieces of information one at a time is often the easiest to understand!

Accept Assistance From Parents

Some of the parents are capable of assisting you throughout the process so you can accept their help.

Training is Crucial

Make use of the best survey tools that can help you extract information about your students as well as the resources that may assist parents. 

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