5 Educational Games and Resources

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5 Educational Games and Resources

With today’s students being attracted to gaming and technology, adding educational elements is key to keeping them engaged past school hours. Also making it easier for teachers to get students to be more involved, there are many websites and applications that offer free games and resources to students and educators. Here, we cover five games and resources.


Putting a spin on arcade and academics, Arcademics is designed for students first through sixth grade. Arcademics covers shapes, money, spelling, math skills, language arts, geography and so much more. To get started, Teachers must create an account, log in and then enroll their students. Teachers can then assign games for students to play based on their current and target skillset. Teachers can see where students are excelling and struggling and can assisting according to the score data reports provided and can add new games based on the students’ accomplishments.

 Arcademics designed their games so instructors can use students’ challenges and errors as an improvement opportunity, and immediate feedback can assist students in improving their performance.

 Grammar Ninja

While reading sentences that have grammatical errors, the goal is to throw ninja stars at the incorrect words in the sentences to correct the errors. Grammar Ninja is designed to teach critical thinking with captivating gameplay. Every sentence becomes an interactive puzzle. Unlike most Word Games, Grammar Ninja has engaging gameplay in both English and Spanish. Support for more languages, such as French and Japanese, are under active development and coming soon.

 National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has a wide variety of games, quizzes, videos, puzzles, fun animal facts, and activities for elementary school-aged students. Information such as the Coronavirus Glossary brings current events to life and allows students to research and stay abreast while having information broken down for their understanding. History, science, and space are also intriguing topics for students to learn about in interactive activities on the site.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic Kids

Brain Bashers

Brain Bashers offers an array of word games and logical thinking games. This app was developed and is maintained by Kevin Stone, a mathematics teacher in England. This great program has games that give you 3 math questions to complete in thirty seconds, Sudoku, Battleship, and an ongoing list of games that require you to think logically and are changed frequently on the site.

Smarty Games

Smarty Games features games for developing mathematics and reading skills.

 There are ten sections for students to enjoy:

  • Math
  • Money
  • Time
  • Counting
  • Dots (connecting the dots, number to number)
  • Colors
  • Mind (making logical decisions)
  • Puzzles
  • Reading
  • Dress-up (dressing up girls, princesses, and robots)

 The reading section includes animated ABCs, action-word flashcards, and short stories. Various games include Hero Michael, a character who is the main character students use to accomplish goals like saving the school, teaching math, and navigating the forest. Students can connect protons and electrons in challenging mind puzzles, and assist their robot friend navigate his way through space in various mind games.

 Allowing children to play learning games takes their mind off the hardship and adds enjoyment to learning. We only covered five, but there are a plethora of websites and educational games that can keep children engaged in their education as well as practice beyond school hours.

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